Every minute, 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube.

Every day, hundreds of millions of hours of video are watched on YouTube.*

I know I’m stating the obvious here, but that’s a lot of video. Modern smartphones paired with YouTube, Vine, and now Periscope and Meerkat, give people an easy way to quickly share videos. Why are so many people doing this? Simple. People connect with other people through eye contact, voice tone, and body language. Plus let’s not forget that old adage, “a picture is worth a thousand words.”

Should video matter to businesses? Yes, but only if those businesses enjoy connecting with their customers and making sales.

Video has the power to communicate in ways the written word never can. Even photos with the most thorough descriptions can be confusing. For example, I wanted to restring a pearl bracelet so I performed an online search. I clicked on the first link but it only contained text and photos. It made perfect sense when I read it through. I made several attempts to follow along but couldn’t figure out the most important instruction – tying the knot so it pushed all the way up against the pearl. This is no easy feat! So I went back to the search results and clicked on the next link. This page presented a video and wouldn’t you know, I now have a freshly re-strung pearl bracelet with tight knots.

OK, your business doesn’t involve restringing pearls, what’s my point?

If there are any parts of your product or service that you need to explain, video is most likely the best way to do that when face to face isn’t possible. Beyond the obvious instructional content I mentioned, videos can educate your customers from why your product is the best choice, to maintenance, or troubleshooting.

Face to face is the best way to make a sale and video lets you do this on your customers schedule, while you’re on top of their mind. Seeing you discuss your products or services instills trust. Seeing you speak confidently about your product or service promotes you to the authoritative figure in the field.

Use videos to answer questions your customers routinely ask and recover lost man-hours. Without a video to answer their question, they may call you. No problem, right?! We all love getting calls in our sales or support office, it means people are using our product. But wait…what if the smart folks in sales and support were answering the same three questions over and over. It gets old quick and takes away valuable resources from other projects. Providing your customers with a video to answer these answers could save your team countless man-hours. Your customers get immediate gratification from finding an answer quickly. It could be like hiring a new person without hiring a new person!

Product pages with video have increased conversion rates. In other words, people watch then people buy. What’s not to like? Conversion rates jump for products on webpages containing video across the board. There is no replacement to seeing a product being used by a fellow human being, or seeing a product in action in real world situations.

Video is a powerful, multi-faceted tool. What are the areas in your business that require explaining, demonstrating, or educating?

* See these stats and more for yourself!