Melissa Ogilvie Rosner

Owner, Digital Artist, Web Developer, and Consultant

Digital Artist, Melissa Ogilvie Rosner

Some clients refer to her as the Digital Diva. Others call her the Website Whisperer. Both with good reason!

Melissa has been using Apple computers since 1986 and started teaching herself website development during a time when there was less than 10,000 websites total! Today, there are over 4.3 BILLION sites!!

Melissa Ogilvie Rosner is our majority partner. She is a driven entrepreneur and experienced digital artist who believes her clients deserve the best possible results and experience.

Melissa graduated from Parson’s School of Design in the early 90’s with a degree in fine art–you know, fine art like those pretty pictures hanging on your walls. She quickly discovered that she liked to eat, so she purchased her own Apple computer. Melissa proceeded to teach herself website development in a time when there was less than 10,000 websites total! She still has her very first email address from 1994…can you say digital hoarder?

Along the way Melissa worked at print shops, branding, and marketing agencies around New York City and Denver. She served clients as varied as Fortune 500 real estate developers, foreign automakers, and government health service agencies. Melissa performed alongside C-suite executives as a Director, honing her skills in branding, communications, graphic design, website development, and business development. In 2004, she joined her business partner at All Terrain Studios.

Clients have repeatedly told us that Melissa is patient, level-headed during tense times, easy to work with, reliable, a good listener, suggests creative solutions, and consistently delivers. Melissa is part planner, part problem solver, part communicator, and part psychologist.

Long ago she earned the nickname the Digital Diva by her peers for her ability to figure out complex digital topics and explain them in plain english. More recently a client referred to her as the Website Whisperer because she can coax a website to do whatever her client needs.

When Melissa is not designing logos, laying out annual reports, developing websites, or editing episodic broadcast programs for her clients, she enjoys painting pretty pictures, taking pretty photos, pretending to snowboard, trail running as much as possible, and throwing the squeaky toy for her puppy, Lucille Paw. Throwing that annoying squeaky thing far, far, far away.

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