Kiosk with touchscreen interface

The interactive kiosk located in the history exhibit at the Metro Wastewater Reclamation District’s RWHTF enjoys frequent content updates. The District likes to make a video whenever a live python is found in the sewer system or the new Northern Treatment Plant hits a construction milestone (don’t worry, the former rarely if ever happens).

We designed the kiosk interface to be as scalable as possible knowing potentially dozens of new videos would be added over the years. A re-design of the interface would be an unacceptable, repetitive cost so the approach we chose needed to accommodate more content over the next 10 years.

We programmed the kiosk interface to include volume control, play/pause video control, 3-dimensional buttons that change look and make a sound when pressed, and a moving background to avoid screen burn-in.

The kiosk also enjoys frequent visitor use. The entertaining and educational videos are meant to spark conversations, make people think more about our limited water resources, and we hope, eventually turn everyone into a steward of our environment.

CPG members take a look at the history exhibit in the lobby-11-9-09 (use)Clara Voukovitch reviews exhibit at grand opening - 5-19-09 (32)

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