Non-profit serving at-risk children and their logo

When the Episcopal Center for Children originally reached out to us from a strong referral, all they wanted was a new website to replace their 10-year old website. We were more then happy to oblige but couldn’t resist pointing out their lack of a logo, and therefore, lack of a defined presence. We were told they had a logo once – back when Melville Bell, father of Alexander Graham Bell, designed it. Hmm.

After many conversations with several decision-maker’s, it was agreed upon that a new logo, which would coincide with a new website, which would coincide with the 120 year anniversary announcement, would be the most bang for the PR buck.

We conducted several interviews and the logo criteria became clear:

  • even though the word Episcopal is in the name, the Center is non-denominational
  • represent a nurturing environment
  • contain the existing school colors: blue and gold

Our designers enjoyed working on this project and brought forth many creative and clever submissions. Ultimately the Center’s board of directors felt the logo they selected best represented the essence of the Center and it’s mission, which is to help children through difficult phases of their lives.

Final logos:



The contract called for a variety of logo styles for the first round:





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