Travel Expo Online Information and New Logo

SEMCO Productions has been producing consumer and trade shows since 1959. Their portfolio of shows runs deep yet they are always looking for new ways to entertain and educate various markets around the world. The World Culture & Travel Expo is one of those new shows meant to do both: educate while entertaining.

All Terrain Studios is dependable, forward-thinking, creative, and brand-sensitive. After a strong eight year relationship, we consider ATS to be an integral part of our team. So integral, that as we plan future growth into new markets we include ATS from the very beginning of the planning process.  – Michael Schoppenhorst, President, Atlanta Home Show/SEMCO Productions, LLC

After we designed the new logo, we swiftly began work on a new, multi-facted website.

Show websites are complex beasts. At any given moment one of three audience types can be seeking information: the attendee, the exhibitor, and the sponsor. Each type is as important as the rest, so presenting the right information at the right time is crucial.

We approached this project as three separate websites living under a single website “roof” and deployed a multi-site WordPress site. This allows our client to maintain the copy and photos on all three sites via one admin interface and one set of login credentials.

The exhibitor list is tied directly to SEMCO’s web app. So whenever a new exhibitor signs up, the exhibitor’s name is automatically added to the exhibitor list for attendees to view on the attendee website. This small step saved countless man-hours. We believe in eliminating as many redundancies as possible, and adding new exhibitors to the website after adding them to the web app would have been redundancy at it’s finest.

Final logos:


Final website design:



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