Water and Sanitation District

Bancroft-Clover Water and Sanitation District provides treated water and sanitary sewer service to homes and businesses in portions of southeastern Lakewood and unincorporated Jefferson County. Before being introduced to Melissa Rosner, the District Manager lamented over the quality of his website but wasn’t sure how to find the right company to bring it to life. Melissa came on board the team in early 2016 through another contractor. She went right to work on designing and building a cleaner,  more functional and informative website.

I feel fortunate to have found you! – Tim Lowe, District Manager, Bancroft-Clover Water and Sanitation District

The project requirements included:

We built a new website for the District that met all of these requirements. The client has been posting new content since our May, 2016 launch and the site has never looked better!

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