Video Project

The Atlanta Home Show’s TV commercials entice and excite viewers for upcoming home shows.

Scope of Work Included:

  • Producer
  • On-location Video Shoot
  • Director of Photography
  • Gear (Cameras, Lights, Audio)
  • Motion Graphics
  • Editing
  • Broadcast Delivery


SEMCO Productions (SEMCO) has been an Atlanta based leader in consumer and trade show production, event marketing, and conference industry since 1959.

Every year they produce three consumer home improvement shows in Atlanta, Georgia, the largest of which attracts 30,000 attendees and 350 exhibitors per year. They have a year-round goal of recruiting and selling booths to exhibitors and they have three-time frames (six weeks prior to each show opening) when they focus on promoting the show to attendees.

SEMCO and All Terrain Studios have been collaborating on all things marketing since 2006, including broadcast commercials for air in the Atlanta market. Twice yearly we’re tasked with creating a unique commercial that conveys the excitement, brand, and concept of the Atlant Home Show.

Project Details

  • Attend live consumer show and capture b-roll of attendees interacting with products, exhibits, and exhibitors.
  • Locate several pieces of stock music for client review and selection of one.
  • Develop concept for unique, eye-catching motion graphics.
  • Edit b-roll with motion graphics and stock music into a 30-second and 15-second TV commercial.
  • Deliver broadcast files.