Design Project

The Metro Wastewater Reclamation District’s history exhibit highlights 50 years of accomplishments at the District.

Scope of Work Included:

  • Creative Direction
  • Interactive Exhibit
  • Graphics/Visual Elements
  • Kiosk Interface UI/UX
  • Kiosk Interface Custom Coding
  • On-location Video Shoot
  • Director of Photography
  • Production Personnel
  • Gear (Cameras, Lights, Audio)
  • Motion Graphics
  • Editing


The District celebrated their 50-year anniversary by publishing a history book and producing an interactive exhibit. These two projects highlight the difficulties that were overcome and the accomplishments earned during the first 50 years of the District serving the Denver metropolitan area.

We collaborated with the District to determine the most relevant, interesting relics to incorporate into the exhibit. We narrowed down the options to the shovel that broke ground on the first plant in 1960, borchures from the groundbreaking event, decommissioned manhole covers, and a dozen unusual objects pulled from the barscreen like a wedding ring, toys, and false teeth.

Selecting the best photos and captions from the book was the most challenging part of the project due to the vastness of interesting content. Our goal was to represent each decade as well as the overall accomplishments of the District. Once all content was gathered we designed the overall space with each individual element. We selected the hardware, built the kiosk cabinet then installed everything over the course of two days.

The interactive kiosk holds interviews with retired employees and board members – some of whom were there for the groundbreaking, and others who dedicated their entire career to the District. The kiosk easily accommodates content updates and uses handsets in lieu of speakers so as not to disrupt the receptionist.

The kiosk enjoys frequent visitor use. The entertaining and educational pieces are meant to spark conversations, make people think more about our limited water resources, and encourage everyone to become a steward of our environment.

Project Details

  • Collaborate with client to select most relevant relics and historic pieces of information from their 50-year History book.
  • Conceptualization of overall exhibit.
  • Design and program kiosk user interface and user experience.
  • Construction of kiosk box to hold monitor and hide cables to computer.
  • Incorporate phone handsets for audio.
  • Construction of curio case with interior lighting on an on/off switch.
  • Stock photo search for face of mini museum and kiosk menu background.
  • Print multiple wall art pieces
  • Video interviews of historic figures at the District including Director of Photography, Production Personnel, and Gear (Cameras, Lights, Audio).
  • Motion Graphics for background of kiosk menu to prevent screen burn-in.
  • Edit eight videos with animated photos and lower thirds.