Branding Project

The Episcopal Center for Children’s brand reinforces their commitment to at-risk children through a nurturing environment.

Scope of Work Included:

  • Brand Research and Strategy
  • Brand Development
  • Logo Design
  • Brand Photo Cultivation
  • Website Design and Development


When the Episcopal Center for Children originally reached out to All Terrain Studios from a strong client referral, all they wanted was a new website. We were more than happy to oblige but couldn’t resist pointing out their lack of a logo and therefore, lack of a defined presence. We were told they had a logo once – back when Melville Bell, father of Alexander Graham Bell, designed it. Hmmmmm.

After conversing with several decision-makers, it was agreed upon that a new logo, which would coincide with a new website, which would coincide with the 120-year anniversary announcement, would be the most bang for the PR buck.

We conducted multiple interviews with their stakeholders and the logo criteria became clear:

  • Even though the word ‘Episcopal’ is in the name, the Center is non-denominational.
  • Represent a nurturing environment for at-risk children.
  • Continue to utilize the existing school colors: blue and gold.

Our designers enjoyed working on this project and brought forth many creative and clever submissions. Ultimately the Center’s board of directors chose a logo that best represents the essence of the Center and its mission, which is to help children through a difficult phase of their life.

Project Details

  • Market research.
  • Interview multiple stakeholders.
  • Create brand standards.
  • Design several logos for review, discussion, and enhancement.
  • Locate brand-sensitive stock photos.
  • Design and develop website.

This was a major step for us.  Throughout it all, you remained patient, relaxed and encouraging. Thank you for all you did and I’m also glad that going forward, you’ll continue to be with us.
~ Alan Korz, Director, Episcopal Center for Children

Final Logo

First Round Logos

The contract called for a variety of logo concepts for the first round.