Video Project

Haven Underdeck shows contractors how to install and replace their patented product with this training video series.

Scope of Work Included:

  • Producer
  • On-location Video Shoot
  • Director of Photography
  • Production Personnel
  • Gear (Cameras, Lights, Audio, Teleprompter)
  • Motion Graphics
  • Editing
  • Digital Delivery


Haven Underdeck is the sister company of Southeastern Underdeck, a client we met at the Atlanta Home Show and have been collaborating with since 2012. When they needed a series of videos instructing contractors on how to install their unique patented underdecking, we were ready to help.

Our Director of Photography flew to Atlanta with his camera, lights, and audio, then hired a local Production Assistant to assist with the two-day video shoot.

Once the videos went live, support calls to the office dramatically dropped, freeing up employee’s time to make new sales, ship existing orders, and produce product.

Project Details

  • Review client supplied script and make minor suggestions for clarity and flow.
  • Create shot list to ensure all b-roll is captured in the two-day timeframe.
  • Create animated opening graphic and onscreen graphic style.
  • Edited video into five part video series.
  • Post hidden video proofs online for client review and revisions.
  • Deliver final videos as digital files for posting on their website.