Web Project

Red: Wine Beer Spirits’ informational website keeps customers informed of their earth-friendly products, rotating beer taps, and weekely specials.

Scope of Work Included:

  • Information Architecture
  • Content Strategy
  • UI Design
  • UX Design
  • Graphics/Visual Elements Creation
  • WordPress


Red: Wine, Beer & Spirits offers the Clarksville, MD community an opportunity to easily purchase environmentally-friendly wine, beer, and spirits at comparable prices. They are located within walking distance to the Conscious Corner, a series of stores dedicated to the promotion and preservation of the environment through sustainable products and services. Even though their message was similar to the Conscious Corner stores, they were unable to take advantage of cross-promotion due to their lack of a solidified message and polished brand.

All Terrain Studios stepped in and re-designed their website to showcase what they do best: offer inspired selections with a unique vibe.

Their website now ties directly into their untappd.com account allowing them to keep their tap beer list current on their homepage – without doing the extra work of entering the tap beers into two different sites. Their new website also pulls events from their Google Calendar assuring their customers never see past events.

Within a month of their new website going live, the Conscious Corner embraced them with open arms, and now they all reap the benefits of cross promotions.

Project Details

  • Create information architecture.
  • Design a modern, upscale user interface and user experience.
  • Design icons and locate brand-sensitive stock photos for “edge” design elements.
  • Automatically pull beer tap details directly from untappd.com.
  • Offer email newsletter signup that automatically populates email software.